security defined by a gated community project

Ultimate security at Vadi Istanbul

Vadi Istanbul is one of the many on-going gated community projects in Istanbul, putting great pressure on the ecological resources and infrastructural needs of the city. The multi-use project enjoys a prime location between the endangered Belgrad Forest and a highway directly connecting the project to the central business district. The sales catalogue of the project (targeting English and Arabic speaking customers) praises, and in a way defines, the security concept:

Having security doesn’t mean a secluded or guarded life. All the benefits of living in a city that never sleeps, but in a secure environment. 24/7 professional security personnel, a closed circuit camera system, guard-controlled vehicle and pedestrian entries and exits, a visual intercom system in every apratment, and fire and smoke detectors… All under a professional management that understands how to coordinate these safety measures for your security…

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