taksim project and economies of scale of urban transformation

The construction work for the Taksim Project had just started. You can find my article published in Trialog Journal on this project and its broader discursive framework .


Abstract: Istanbul is transforming. The city is turning global, becoming one of the nodal hubs that knit the global economy together. Although İstanbul’s current rapid transformation has been presented as a ‘non-Western’ miracle of development in the face of the destructive effects of economic crises, it is actually possible to think of this transformation as a “skillful” application of well-known global(urban)ization strategies by an alliance formed between the state, the investors and local governments. In this article, I would like to discuss the way in which ‘the urban’ is transforming in Istanbul within the processes of globalization and its impact beyond the ‘city of billionares’; by first focusing briefly on the overall strategies at work; second unpacking the discourse of transformation by focusing on the mega projects; and third zooming in Taksim Project, an emblematic intervention at the city’s most visible public space.


4 responses on “taksim project and economies of scale of urban transformation

  1. dear Yasar, this is really a good article…..since my visit to Istanbul, I’ve always was intrigued by the amount of parallels that can be drawn between Cairo and Istanbul esp. related to the issue of urban transformation.
    I’ve noticed in the index of the journal there is an article about the appropriation of Tahrir Square…I’m currently working on a project about appropriation in Cairo….I’d appreciate it if you can help to get this article… thnx

  2. How can I read the full article on this? I am currently writing a thesis for my final year architectural project at the AA in Long, the proposal so far speculates an alternative form of congregation in Istanbul, using the Taksim Square as an architectural model/relic to challenge the conception of what a square could be today in order to displace/diffuse the effect of the square throughout the city of Istanbul. I would very much like to read your article and to hear from you should you have any other information that may help me with my project. Many Thanks, Suzan

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