ecumenopolis wins the human rights award!



Ekümenopolis, the great documentary film about the urban transformation process of Istanbul, wins the Human Rights Award at Sarajevo Film Festival. Congratulations Imre (director) and Gaye (producer)!

Ecumenopolis aims for a holistic approach to Istanbul, questioning not only the transformation, but the dynamics behind it as well. From demolished shantytowns to the tops of skyscrapers, from the depths of Marmaray to the alternative routes of the 3rd bridge, from real estate investors to urban opposition, the film will take us on a long journey in this city without limits. We will speak with experts, academics, writers, investors, city-dwellers, and community leaders; and we will take a look at the city on a macro level through animated maps and graphics. Perhaps you will rediscover the city that you live in and we hope that you will not sit back and watch this transformation but question it. In the end this is what democracy requires of us.

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  1. Traffic problems could be solved by having a much better metro. If youre going to build Istambul into Tokyo above the ground, you also need to build like Tokyo underground!

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