video We are Yedikule!

yedikule bostan

At this very moment, the historical urban gardens of Istanbul along the ancient city walls are under the threat of demolition. The municipal police recently started the demolition of the barracks of urban farmers, and their agricultural fields are the next in line. The aim is to gentrify the area via creation of a recreational landscape project and to open further land to urban development. The farmers and urban activists have been resisting to this project since the beginning.

Architect Crystal Eksi produced an excellent short documentary on the endangered Yedikule Gardens:

Biz Yedikuleliyiz_Trailer from Crystal Eksi on Vimeo.

During the Summer of 2015, I took part in Koç University’s Summer Seminar:  Urban Political Ecology on the Road: Investigating City’s Nature and Nature’s City Through Istanbul, with Professors:  Sinan Erensü (University of Minnesota) & Yaşar Adnan Adanalı (TU Berlin). I owe them, the people I met and the invited guests of this class for the process and beginnings of the documentary. The field work, traveling through the city and the many discussions we had has helped me to document words, footage and images that are not always seen but can relate to many locals within these very neighborhoods. In so many words, I have set out to grab these details before they may disappear and hope that you stay tuned in the future for progress work.

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