Studio Daniel Libeskind’s Respond to Reclaim Istanbul’s Post on Labour Murders

Three weeks after my blog post on labour murders in Turkey’s construction sector, in which I argued that the blood of the workers is on the hands of all the ‘stakeholders’ of the projects, including the Star Architects, I received an email from the Director of Communication of Studio Daniel Libeskind. The below quoted email stated that my blog post was ‘untrue’.

I saw the article on the causalities of the building site in Istanbul on your blog:
Your article incorrectly states that this is a building of Daniel Libeskind. This is untrue. The project that the studio is designing in Istanbul is not yet under construction.
We take safety on our work sites very seriously and would kindly request that you correct this in your article.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
This message was a bit surprising for me, as I knew that all the statements in my post had a reference and they were double checked before being posted. I was not making up the information that was  disseminated openly and widely in Turkish media and at the Metsan Corporation’s own website. So I sent the following email for asking further clarifications:
Thank you for getting in touch with me. As you might have realised, the aim of my blog post was to get an answer from the Office of Daniel Libeskind. I am surprised to hear that you stated my article is ‘incorrect’ and ‘untrue’. I wonder on what basis you make this allegation?
There are several statements made by the Metsan Corporation that the Metsan Nexus Project (the one at which the killings took place) is ‘a result of partnership between Daniel Libeskind and Metsan’. Please have a look at the official website of the project –
Also in the Turkish media, the same project has been associated with the name of Mr. Libeskind. Please check few of the many news pieces:
‘Libeskind’s first project in Turkey is halfway through’ –
‘Designed by the world famous architect Libeskind’ –
I believe you need to clarify the meaning of ‘partnership deal’ with the Metsan Corporation. The way in which they promote their project is definitely with your corporate name.
I asked few questions to Mr. Daniel Libeskind at the end of my blog post. I will repeat them below. I am willing to post your official statement regarding the partnership ‘confusion’ and your answers at my blog.
  • Have you heard that 3 workers were killed at your Metsan Nexus Project in Istanbul due to poor safety precautions?
  • Do you feel the responsibility of the killings?
  • Did you include a clause on the workers safety on your partnership deal with Metsan?
  • Are you planning to cancel the deal with Metsan?
  • If you were asked to design a memorial for labour murders in Turkey, could you still do it?

After these questions, I received the message below from Studio Daniel Libeskind:

It is clear that the organization of the project’s website and the subsequent news articles are very misleading. It just came to my attention and please know I am seeing to this matter immediately to make sure this project is clearly communicated to you and your peers.
The building in question was already underway when Mr. Libeskind joined the project, he has created a masterplan that incorporated the existing building (designed completely by another architect) and will be building a the high-rise tower you see in the renderings– that looks like a Libeskind building. As I stated before, construction has not begun on any building that Studio Daniel Libeskind designed.
I would urge you to update your site with this new information.
Lastly, I wanted to reiterate that we work hard with our clients to ensure that safety is priority and we will certainly be looking into this matter.
I will also certainly be looking into this matter.

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