istanbul strategic plan 2010 – 2014

In Turkey, all the local authorities are required by law to prepare their strategic plans for an administration period. These plans, ideally and in theory, are supposed to provide the general vision of the city governance, direction for its development and  service provision areas, prepared with the participation of broad stakeholders of that city. However, most of the time, these documents do not go beyond collection of fancy keywords written by external consultants or copied and pasted from other cities’ strategic plans. You can download the strategic plan of Istanbul prepared by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality:



The leading and pioneering municipality which makes Istanbul, the apparent face and opening gate of Turkey to the world, a sustainable city with a high quality of life by patronizing its unique heritage.


Render the local services with a fair, high-quality, open minded, effective and efficient understanding of management by fulfilling our historical responsibility towards Istanbul, the meeting point of civilizations, with the aim of increasing its quality of life, strengthening its authentic identity and making it one of the major cities of the world.


Equity – Our municipality has adopted the principle of acting in full compliance with applicable laws and treating all stakeholders equal in rendering the public services.

Confidence – Our municipality gives priority to gain the confidence of citizens of Istanbul, its personnel and the stakeholders and to deserve and maintain this confidence at all times.

Transparency – Our municipality considers being transparent and accountable in rendering the public services essential.

Quality – It is essential to ensure that the services rendered by our municipality meet the requirements and expectations of our citizens in a high-quality and optimal manner.

Efficiency – Our municipality considers utilization of available resources in accordance with the principles of efficiency, effectiveness and thriſtiness.

Participation – Our municipality considers communicating with all parties concerned in planning and rendering the public services by meeting its stakeholders on a common axis to ensure social dialogue, participation and adoption essential.

Leadership – We consider being a determined, self-confident, courageous, innovative and pioneering municipality essential.


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