reading istanbul (work in progress)

This is an ever expanding bibliography on Istanbul available in English. It does not claim to be “the” reading list for Istanbul. It covers wide range of urban issues from different disciplines. New articles will be added as I receive them. Keywords are my addition.

Altınok, E., H., Cengiz (2008) The Effects of Urban Sprawl on Spatial Fragmentation and Social Segregation in Istanbul. 44th ISOCARP Congress 2008 pdf


Keywords: Urban sprawl, spatial fragmentation, social segregation

Bartu-Candan, A. & Kolluoğlu, B. (2008) “Emerging spaces of neoliberalism: A gated town and a public housing project in Istanbul” New Perspectives on Turkey, No.39, pp.5-46 pdf

Keywords: Urban transformation, neoliberal urbanism, public housing, gated communities, social and spatial segregation, new forms of wealth and poverty

Baslevent, C., M., Dayioglu (2005) The Effect of Squatter Housing on Income Distribution in Urban Turkey. Studies, Vol. 42, No. 1, 31–45, January 2005 pdf

Keywords: Home-ownership, income distribution, gecekondu

Baycan-Levent, T., A. Gülümser (2004) Production and marketing of gated communities in Istanbul. 44th European Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Regions and Fiscal Federalism, 25 – 29 Agust 2004, Porto, Portugal pdf

Keywords: Gated communities, production, marketing

Dinçer, İ. Z.Enlil, T.İslam (2008) Regeneration in a New Context: A New Act on Renewal and its Implications on the Planning Processes in İstanbul. Bridging the Divide: Celebrating the City. ACSP – AESOP Fourth Joint Congress. July 6 – 11 2008 Chicago Illinois. pdf

Keywords: Urban renewal, legal framework, Tarlabasi, Sulukule

Erkip, F. (2000) Global transformations versus local dynamics in Istanbul: Planning in a fragmented metropolis. Cities, Vol. 17, No. 5, pp. 371–377. pdf

Keywords: Globalization, local governance, participation

Erman, T. (1997) Squatter (gecekondu) Housing versus Apartment Housing: Turkish Rural- to-Urban Migrant Residents’ Perspectives. HABITATINTL.Vol. 28, No. I, pp. 91-106, 1997 pdf

Keywords: Gecekondu, migrants, Ankara

Erman, T., A. Eken (2004) The “Other of the Other” and “unregulated territories” in the urban periphery: Gecekondu violence in the 2000s with a focus on the Esenler case, İstanbul. Cities, 21 (1), pp. 57-68. pdf

Keywords: Violence, urban periphery, gecekondu (squatter) neighborhoods

Gundogdu, I, J. Gough (2008) Class Cleansing In Istanbul’s World-city Project in Whose Urban Renaissance? An International Comparison of Urban Regeneration Strategies Milton Park: Routledge pdf

Keywords: Urban transformation, housing policy, urban resistance

İslam, T. (2010), Current Urban Discourse, Urban Transformation and Gentrification in Istanbul. Architectural Design, 80: 58–63. doi: 10.1002/ad.1011 pdf

Keywords: Urban transformation, gentrification, Zaha Hadid, Kartal, Galataport, Sulukule, TOKI

ISoCaRP (2006) To Integrate or to Disintegrate: Re-assembling the Patchwork of Disintegrated Functions in Istanbul Central Area. ISoCaRP 16th Young Planning Professionals’ Report. Istanbul, Turkey. pdf

Keywords: Central area, Beyoglu, Historical Peninsula, Kadiköy

Keyder, C. (2005) Globalization and Social Exclusion in Istanbul. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. Volume 29.1, pp. 124–34, (March 2005). pdf

Keywords: Globalization, urbanization, poverty, social exclusion

Ögdül, H. (2000) Social Cohesion; Is it sufficient? Migrant communities in two disadvantaged neighborhoods in Istanbul GeoJournal 51: 321–328, 2000. Kluwer Academic Publishers. pdf

Keywords: communities, housing, migrant, neighbourhoods, rehabilitation, social cohesion, urban

Turk, S. S.,W. K. K. Altes (2010) Institutional capacities in the land development for housing on greenfield sites in Istanbul. Habitat International 34 (2010) 183–195 pdf

Keywords: Land development, housing, greenfield sites, institutional capacities

Urban Age, LSE Cities Program, Alfred-Herrhausen Gesellschaft, P. Puchalski (ed.) (2009) Istanbul City of Intersections, ISBN 978-0-85328-419-2, London. pdf

Keywords: Istanbul, global city, urban transformation, gecekondu, urban data

Uzun, B., M. Cete, M., Palancioglu (2010) Legalizing and upgrading illegal settlements in Turkey. Habitat International 34 (2010) 204–209 pdf

Keywords: Gecekondu, informal settlement, legalization, urban upgrading

Uzun, N. (2002) The Impact of Urban Renewal and Gentrification on Urban Fabric: Three Cases in Turkey. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie – 2003, Vol. 94, No. 3, pp. 363 -375. pdf

Keywords: Urban transformation, urban renewal, gentrification, Ankara, Istanbul

Note: This reading list and documents in pdf formats are provided for academic purposes. Documents can be removed in case the publishers ask for.


  1. here is one i found very useful on the dynamics of neoliberal-Islamist governance and the public, neighborhood association resistance against the urban transformation projects of Sulukule and Başıbüyük.

    Karaman, O. (2010) Remaking Space for Globalization: Dispossession trough Urban Renewal in Istanbul. A Dissertation Sumitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of the University of Minnesota (2010)

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